coyote hunting florida

Coyote Trapping in Florida

Submitted by John Whitfield, Florida Coyote Trapper I primarily trap coyotes on Beef Cattle Ranches in Florida, during calving season, which always brings the coyotes in looking for a meal. After trying various combinations of coyote baits, scents, lures and odors, I found that my most successful sets involved just two primary lures and one…

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using a catchpole

Using a Catchpole

Using a Catchpole, or “snare pole” (similar to snake tongs, cat grasper). This is one of the most versatile tools used to capture and restrain animals. Basically, a catchpole is a long stick with a noose (cabled loop) on one end. For most species, place the loop over the animal’s head and then tighten the cable…

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Trapping 101

Trapping 101: How To Catch Animals With A T-Snare Trap

Photo by Rob Pierce You’re stocked with venison you shot during season, but now the family complains about venison steak, venison burgers, and venison stew again. How can you provide some variation in the menu and still supply adequate protein? Trapping is a safe and enjoyable activity that can net a variety of small mammals with…

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About Us

Grandpa’s Trading Post was established in 2000 to bring to today’s trappers a needed resource of trapping products that are crafted and used by trappers themselves. The art and natural balance of trapping has been slowly chipped away at by reactionary legislation and uneducated trapping practices. We here at Grandpa’s Trading Post wish to inform and educate as well as provide the right tools to trappers that might be just starting out in the specialized field of trapping.

Other Team Members

Scott Wynn is our professional Lightning trap builder Lighting Cage Traps was founded by Bill Weeks over 20 years ago with a goal to make the best trap on the market - we believe it is!

Wildlife Predator Control Baits and Lures. All of our baits and lures are made in house with precise formulas by Bill and Rosa Crowder


Bill and Rosa Crowder now operate Grandpa's Trading Post, LLC. Born in Moultrie, GA Bill has lived (and trapped) in Florida his entire life. Bill's father ran a turpentine operation in Lake City and Olustee, Florida where Bill had the opportunity to be outdoors for most of his childhood. Bill later managed a plantation for 23 years & retired. 2 years ago he was offered an opportunity to buy into Grandpa's Trading Post, LLC and has enjoyed every minute of it!

Bill has 50 + years of trapping experience . His first efforts we directed at the fur trade and later moved onto nuisance Trapping. Bill spent time first at the Vice President of the Florida Trappers Association then accepted position as President of the organization. Currently he is still a lifetime member. Bill also keeps current his 20+ year membership in the Georgia Trappers Association and in the National Trappers Association.

Rosa has a lifetime of experience hunting and about 8 years of trapping experience. She is experienced in running a trap line and is a professional nuisance trapper. In her spare time she is also an experienced fisherman). Rosa runs the office and makes sure everything runs smoothly, making sure orders are processed, etc. She also handles a team of professional nuisance trappers.