Coyote Trapping in Florida

coyote hunting florida

Submitted by John Whitfield, Florida Coyote Trapper I primarily trap coyotes on Beef Cattle Ranches in Florida, during calving season, which always brings the coyotes in looking for a meal. After trying various combinations of coyote baits, scents, lures and odors, I found that my most successful sets involved just two primary lures and one…

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Using a Catchpole

using a catchpole

Using a Catchpole, or “snare pole” (similar to snake tongs, cat grasper). This is one of the most versatile tools used to capture and restrain animals. Basically, a catchpole is a long stick with a noose (cabled loop) on one end. For most species, place the loop over the animal’s head and then tighten the cable…

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Trapping 101: How To Catch Animals With A T-Snare Trap

Trapping 101

Photo by Rob Pierce You’re stocked with venison you shot during season, but now the family complains about venison steak, venison burgers, and venison stew again. How can you provide some variation in the menu and still supply adequate protein? Trapping is a safe and enjoyable activity that can net a variety of small mammals with…

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Traps to Catch Nuisance Wildlife

Box Traps Wire mesh Lightning Traps allow you to safely and easily release trapped animals elsewhere. Trap sizes range from those suitable for small rodents (16 inches by 5 inches by 5.5 inches) to those suitable for large dogs (72 inches by 20 inches by 26 inches). Most reputable retailers describe which wildlife species are…

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