Coyote Trapping in Florida

coyote hunting florida

A coyote a day!

Submitted by John Whitfield, Florida Coyote Trapper

I primarily trap coyotes on Beef Cattle Ranches in Florida, during calving season, which always brings the coyotes in looking for a meal.

After trying various combinations of coyote baits, scents, lures and odors, I found that my most successful sets involved just two primary lures and one “particular” bait. These three really put ‘em on the tailgate for me.

I primarily use a standard “Dirt Hole Set” for coyotes. The two dynamite lures are; “Black Magic” and “MR 1”. A dab on the bait stick and placed on either side of the dirt hole set works well for me.

Bait: I use the “Just Mice” bait, putting about a teaspoon in the bottom of the bait hole.

In over ten years of coyote trapping in Florida, using this basic set (2 lure & 1 bait combination), we have put over 275 coyotes out of business.

Black Magic”, “MR1”, and “Just Mice” !

Try it… a deadly trifecta on coyotes!

All 3 of these products are made by Grandpa’s Trading Post and can be ordered online.